With a view to continuous and balanced growth, Klaist assesses a set of collaborations and partnerships with companies in the sector and independent professionals, offering tangible benefits in terms of service, assistance, quotations and quality.

You are a retailer: become our retailer, working with us brings many benefits:

  • Dedicated and rewarding price list
  • Autonomous, simple, complete and reliable preventive system
  • Remote and direct commercial and technical assistance
  • Secure and scheduled delivery times
  • Dedicated logistics and flexible and scalable production
  • Fast Service: ultra-fast production and deliveries for emergencies and special cases

Are you a graphic or communication company? Klaist is the right partner

  • Product advice before and after sale
  • We speak the same language, we have internal graphics to collaborate better
  • Remote and direct commercial and technical assistance
  • Feasibility study and implementation of projects on demand
  • Prototyping and sampling

Are you a printer, a cartotechnic or a label maker? We work together, in the true sense of the word!

  • we guarantee all the expected benefits for retailers (see above)
  • outsourcing services and processing accounts
  • Joint arrangements for commercial and promotional cooperation

Do you want to become our Partner?

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